Introduction to Automatic captcha Solving

Definition of Captcha Codes

Captcha codes are simple tests usually image tests used by computers to verify that the user is a human and not a bot or some other computerised automated software. Captcha codes are used as a defence against spam among other things. Some captcha systems include an audio option for improved usability for the visually impaired.


Any time these days you want to leave a comment on a blog, sign up for a newsletter or join a forum amongst other things, you will be confronted by a ‘Captcha Code’ which is usually a small visual test to make sure you are human - as below.

We've all seen them, the strange distorted text which sometimes spell out a word and others are a random sequence of jumbled letters and numbers with the instruction “prove you are human”.

Not all captcha codes are created in the same way however; some require some simple calculation or in other cases require you to have some basic general knowledge such as to enter the spelling of a simple word. Of course these more ‘abstract’ tests which rely on knowledge are not always the best test to ask the question 'are you human?' as many people may answer wrongly or in the wrong way.

Even when just simple but abstracted letters and number captcha codes are used they can be difficult to decipher and while they serve their purpose well in preventing automated bots or submission software they may more often than not also prevent real people from completing their application, submission or comment.

Captcha Code Examples

Example Captcha Codes

Captcha Codes and SEO Link Building

When it comes to SEO the SEO professional may come across literally hundreds or thousands of these codes every day and get on average half of them correct on the first attempt. To combat this and to save time with legitimate submissions it makes sense to use a captcha code cracking service, of which there are a number of options.

Many captcha cracking services have grown up in the past few years with real people at the other end of the world visually double checking the captcha graphics which have been sent from your computer to them and typing in the answer codes for you. These answer codes are then sent back to your PC for your automation software to submit all in the space of a few seconds. The most common captcha solving service, which is also the most accurate and most expensive is Decaptcha. Decaptcha uses real people or teams to decode the captcha images based in India. Another cheaper service although not quite as accurate is Death By Captcha which also operates out of India.

These services charge a small fee per captcha correctly solved and reported back by the automation software, usually between $1 and $8 for every 1,000 image codes solved.

Using automation software in combination with a captcha solving service can quickly become expensive with up to 10,000 codes solved every hour. Meaning a fee of between $10 and $80 an hour for work which could take weeks if done manually by hand. While these fees can quickly add up they will in fact save you a fortune and could dramatically enhance your SERP rankings.

One downside of using these manual code cracking services is that there are peak times when too many users cause the service and accuracy to fail or at least slow down, which makes them better than manual decoding but far from a perfect solution.

Free Captcha Solving Software

Recently a new service has been developed called Captcha Sniper which without human intervention will attempt to crack the captcha codes automatically. While this is a new service and many improvements are anticipated, it performs correctly more than half the time and between 10 and 20 times quicker than using a manual captcha solving service. From our tests, the software could pay for itself in less than an hour and save you thousands of pounds throughout its usage.

How does it work?

It runs in the background and basically hijacks requests to the Decaptcha captcha solving service and decodes the images to be sent by itself - all on your own PC. Once it has decoded the image, it will return the answer to the submission software which made the request( to Decaptcha). Once the software has been installed and started, no further integration is necessary for it to function correctly, except for Decaptcha to be selected inside the software as the means of code cracking. Any software which uses Decaptcha can potentially be run and call this service saving the SEO professional a great deal of money. Integration with Death by Captcha and other image cracking services is also anticipated in future updates.

Captcha Sniper

Captcha Sniper

Captcha Sniper will help you save time and money. With captcha Sniper installed in the background, you can bypass many of the difficult to read image codes, we call 'captchas. Currently the software is compatible with many tools using the decaptcher image decoding service. It works by hijacking requests to the captcha solving service decaptcher, so that any captchas it solves for you will be sent back from Captcha Sniper for free. If you are doing any serious internet marketing, automated or semi-automated link building, you will need a captcha solving solution such as decaptcha or death by captcha which can be costly in no time at all. These services are known to fall over with heavy demand and so are somewhat unreliable. Once you've paid for the software that is it! All future captcha solving is done free and automatically by Captcha Sniper.

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